In a world where indoor dining isn’t an option, restaurants rely on outdoor seating to keep the business going. The good news is that many high-quality restaurants in San Francisco provide plenty of spacious, comfortable outdoor seating. If you’re in the mood for good food, check out a few of the options below!

555 California’s Vault Garden

A great example of one of the best outdoor restaurants is The Vault Garden. It can be found at 555 California and takes up much of the building’s sprawling plaza. With a capacity of 100 people, few other restaurants in the area are bigger or more popular. Highlights of the menu include pan-seared salmon and the vault burger, which is topped with lettuce, Fiscalini cheddar cheese, and a secret sauce made by the restaurant.


Fiorella is as famous for its decor as it is for its food. Its wallpaper pays homage to icons and landmarks throughout San Francisco. The garden patio is decorated with a mural painted by local artists. Diners can choose from some of the best dishes in Italian cuisine.


The San Francisco Proper Hotel is also the home to Charmaine’s. This restaurant is best known for its food and drink pairings. Thursdays are the day to visit because the cocktails served that day aren’t offered at any other time! Some offerings are consistent, though — every day, visitors to Charmaine’s can get any of the restaurant’s regular cocktails to go.

Mario’s Bohemian Cigar Store

With sidewalk seating, Mario’s Bohemian Cigar Store has become a hot spot even for those who don’t smoke. Serving drinks that span the gamut from beer to cappuccinos, this restaurant is well-known for its focaccia sandwiches, which feature bread baked at the nearby Liguria Bakery.

Town Hall

In light of recent events, Town Hall has remodeled their outdoor patio to attract more diners. They have also taken over the plaza next to the restaurant to add even more seating. Other changes include a new menu in homage of K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen and its head chef — San Francisco food icons that had served San Francisco diners for 40 years before the restaurant’s recent closing. New signature dishes served include gumbo made with crawfish and shrimp, a bronzed King Salmon, and garlic shrimp pasta.


A staple of the San Francisco restaurant scene, Boulevard has opened a patio and boasts waterfront seating. Diners get an excellent view of the Ferry Building and the Bay Bridge. Snacks, cocktails, and lunch/dinner are offered every day, with diners urged to make a reservation for a lunch or dinner visit.

Mise En Place Kitchen

With a covered outdoor patio, French restaurant Mise En Place Kitchen is a popular choice these days. The restaurant is best known for dishes such as include quiche, tartines, and crepes. Its menu items are made using ingredients grown locally and are suitable for most types of diets. It is also known for serving unusual drinks such as double ristretto espresso and even lavender lattes.

These restaurants have been able to stay in business, despite restrictions on dining in public. Each of them provides a place to enjoy a great meal, get some fresh air, and take in some interesting sights — so, check them out!