San Francisco is a city of good food and better coffee. Our bustling city is full of cafes that locals love as much as tourists do. With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which cafes are the best — but we’re ready to give it a shot!

At the top of the list is a Portuguese-themed cafe called Cafe St. Jorge. This hotspot’s menu is full of vegan and vegetarian dishes. Locals swear by the avocado toast and the hummus sandwich. For a cool alternative to the typical cafe beverages, try their spicy ginger juice or almond milk. Have a dog in tow? Don’t worry! Cafe St. Jorge welcomes your furry best friend.

Located across the street from a park with the same name is the Precita Park Cafe. On weekday mornings, you can get breakfast and on Saturdays and Sundays, be sure to stop by for their brunch menu! No matter what meal you are there for, its one you’ll certainly enjoy. Highlights of the menu include a seitan sandwich, which comes complete with chipotle aioli and a side order of chips. Don’t leave without having dessert first; a freshly-baked cookie and a glass of soy milk will leave you feeling satisfied.

When you start as a food truck and evolve into a chain of coffee shops, you know your food doing something right. At the Cafe Reveille, menu choices include unique offerings such as a guava jam cream cheese Cubano popover, which is a popular brunch choice at the cafe. Other breakfast options include brown rice porridge, flavored with almond milk, nuts, and fruits. The drink menu is extensive and includes unique drinks as well as a variety of beers and wines.

The Japantown in San Francisco is home to the YakiniQ Cafe. One of its best-known drinks is a sweet potato latte, served hot or cold. The selection of lattes alone should be enough to get you in the door; however, unlike other cafes, this place offers more than just a dining experience. You can also channel your inner child by using the cafe’s coloring books and crayons. A bookcase in the cafe allows you to enjoy a good book or donate one to the cause. Finally, the cafe also has a chessboard where you can test your skills at this classic game.

If you are craving a taste of Italy without leaving California, head to the Caffe Greco. They are well known for their dessert menu, which includes a selection of gelato. The cafe also serves tiramisu, along with Panforte. The drink menu includes a variety of mochas and cappuccinos. With walls decorated in vintage posters, this is one of the more unique cafes in San Francisco.

Though Mazarine Coffee is one of the newest cafes in San Francisco, many would say it is already among the coolest. Located just outside of Downtown San Francisco, it has a laid back vibe to it. The cafe was designed to feel like a library. Though this isn’t immediately obvious in the dining room, if you use the restroom you will notice that the cover titles from books published by Penguin are affixed to the walls. The food is basic, but if you’re craving a fresh sandwich or salad you’ll be pleased with your order. There are more creative menu options for those who are feeling adventurous. With freshly baked cookies and chai lattes on the menu, you really can’t go wrong. And if you want to enjoy your drink in the fresh air, make your way to the cafe’s outdoor seating, designed to instantly boost your mood.

These are the cafes in San Francisco that are worth taking the time to frequent. Each one has something to offer that will make you feel like you are taking a temporary, delicious break from the pressures of everyday life.