No matter what any minimalist nay-sayers might tell you, decoration is important. The color scheme you choose, your knickknacks, your wall art — when taken together, they collectively reflect your personality, character quirks, and even mood. When you walk through your door, those tiny touches can make you feel at home and at peace. 

Now that summer has arrived, you want to bring a little seasonal warmth and excitement into your home. But how will you go about your redecorating spree? We have a few ideas. Below, we’ve listed a few summer redecorating tips that won’t cause trouble with the landlord.

Hang Travel Photography

Are you an avid traveler? Select some of your best shots and frame them on the walls. You can use traditional photo frames, or paint them in bright colors to reflect a summertime mood. Showing off your past adventures is a mess-free way to personalize an apartment without damaging the walls. Find great ideas for decorating photo frames here.

Grow a Succulent Garden

If you don’t have space for a summer garden, try raising succulents! These plants do well indoors and are very eye-catching, with colors ranging from dark green to pink. Indoor plants on shelves can say a lot about your personality while staying true to the nature of summer. They’re usually low-maintenance, too; find the right ones for you!

Repaint Some Old Furniture

If you’re looking for a DIY project that will help express yourself while giving your apartment a summery look, rehab your old furniture with a little paint! Choose colors that will add a pop of color or contrasting note to your existing color scheme. Want a more summery feel? Decorate the newly-painted surfaces with vases of bright flowers for a finishing touch! If you want more ideas for the paint job, check out these!

Embrace the Neutrals

If your apartment has white walls, it’s the perfect background on which to display your favorite decorations. Glass wall décor, vintage photographs, and hanging lanterns are some simple ornaments you can use to breathe life onto that white wall. The idea is to shift attention to something other than the lack of wall color; a visit to the thrift shop and a bit of creativity can accomplish this fairly quickly. Stumped on wall décor? Here are some ideas.

Flowers Everywhere

If you can’t have a garden outside, bring the impression of one indoors!. Floral throw pillows and paintings on the wall, tapestries and carpets, and some bouquets on the coffee table with live blooms as the centerpiece. Keep these decorations when winter comes around and you miss the warm weather; you’ll still have your indoor garden. Check out these floral ideas to help you get started.

Use Seashells

If you can’t go on that summer vacation you had planned this year, there’s no trouble; instead, bring the beach to your apartment. Decorate all your surfaces with loads of seashells. Gather them on the coffee table, the bathroom sink, even the fireplace. Use ocean themed curtains to add to the dreamy beach effect. With an ocean scented candle, you’ll feel like you’re out in the tropics. More beach-themed ideas here!

You can make your apartment look summery using these clever changes. There is no limit to human creativity, and your living space deserves some cheer. But don’t forget to go outside and enjoy the summer weather — after your redecorating spree, your apartment will look so nice that you might not want to step out of the door!