Cabin fever has well and truly set in around the Bay Area. The spread of novel coronavirus has compelled the city to all but shut down in recent weeks; as of March 16th, San Francisco’s leaders have ordered city residents to shelter in place and stay home and only leave for unavoidable errands. Under these restrictions, entertainment venues and community spaces have shuttered their doors, while restaurants have restricted their offerings to takeout-only fare. 

The city’s efforts to promote social distancing are necessary. If all goes well, they will ultimately protect San Francisco’s residents from illness and slow the coronavirus spread to manageable levels. It’s the best tact that the city could take — but that doesn’t mean that isolation can’t be, well, boring. 

When you’re working from home and only leave the house for a grocery run, life can get pretty frustrating. San Francisco (and the few blocks around 1751 Market Street in particular) — is a hub for great food, fantastic bike trips, and family fun — but it seems impossible to take advantage of the city’s excellent offerings when everything is shut down for public safety. 

But is it impossible? While you should stay home to protect yourself and others from harm, there are some ways that you can continue to take part in some of San Francisco’s best local activities. 

Here’s what your neighborhood is doing (virtually) to make isolation just a little brighter. 

Need to Work Out? Try Virtual Classes at Ritual Hot Yoga

If you need your yoga fix, try a remote class at Ritual Yoga! While you can’t currently visit Ritual Yoga’s studio in San Francisco, it still offers a full schedule of virtual courses every day of the week. Their all-levels classes provide 50 minutes of high-powered yoga choreography set to the fast-paced, inspirational beats of instructors’ curated playlists. Advanced variations are available in every class, although newcomers should feel equally welcome to join. Virtual classes will be held over videoconference; to join, just download Zoom onto your home device and sign up for classes online. Members have full access to all virtual classes; others can pay either $10 for one session or $40 for a five-pack bundle. 

Try Something New on ClassPass

In ordinary times, ClassPass connects you to local studios and gives you the freedom you need to try all of San Francisco’s fitness offerings — from the conventional to the downright unusual. Now, however, ClassPass is offering unlimited access to its extensive archive of free video and audio workouts. Try something virtually now, then make a note in your calendar to visit your favorite studios’ brick-and-mortar locations once our period of isolation comes to an end!

Support Bay Area Artists by Listening to Some Great Music!

Concerts might be canceled, but San Francisco’s performers aren’t ready to call for the curtains yet. Arts organizations throughout the city have begun to find creative ways to share their work while in isolation. JB Presents, an organization of Bay Area musicians, singers, and artists, recently launched “Quarantine Cabaret,” a Facebook group that hosts streamed performances by both JB members and musical guests. Have a listen — and support Bay Area artists while you’re at it!

Yes, San Francisco is in quarantine — but that doesn’t mean that we have to let cabin fever add more anxiety to our time in isolation. Try one (or all) of the above solutions to reconnect with San Francisco’s best community organizations and entertainment venues!