Gardening offers a means for us to reconnect with nature. Often, there is a sense of fulfillment in watching what one has planted flourish or bloom. Perhaps more than ever, gardening can be an important contribution to both a person’s health and spirits. But, what if a person lives in a building and does not have a yard? Apartment dwellers can still pursue their desire to have a gardening hobbies.

Begin with Smaller Plants

If you are a neophyte gardener, you should start with plants that are not difficult to grow. For instance, violets have thick water-storing leaves and thus do not need frequent watering and are easily maintained. Succulents, similarly, need minimal water. Succulents that work well for apartment dwellers include smooth Echeveri, small cacti, smooth Echeveri, spiky Sedum, or flowering Kalanchoe. These plants typically enjoy sunlight and dry air. Potting a small cactus in a cute container can further add to its personality and appeal.

Set Aside Time to Garden

Those who often work from home can tend plants that require more attention. However, if you have a busy schedule away from home, you should acquire low-maintenance plants. Succulents, as mentioned before, are a great option for new or absent gardeners because they require minimal watering. Another plant that can be neglected is the ZZ plant. With tall stalks of a rubbery deep green, this plant prefers being slightly dry and left alone.

Plant a Mini Garden

Even though a garden outdoors is not possible for most apartment dwellers, renters can use a kitchen window or other convenient window for a small herb garden that can help add flavor to dishes. These indoor garden patches can grow mini tomatoes, herbs and artisan lettuce.

Work with Low-Light or No-Light Areas

Adding life to an area that has low or no natural light can be brought about with plants such as peace lilies, weeping figs, money plants and fittonias. Placing these plants in unique vases and containers adds much to the beauty of the presentation.

Add Flowers to Brighten and Beautiful Rooms

If you want to beautify your garden, why not plant some flowers? Tenants can grow pansies, geraniums, petunias, and begonias in window boxes or small pots, thus providing pretty blooms that add color and life throughout a home.

Grow a Bonsai Tree

To add beauty and design to a room, apartment dwellers can have bonsai trees. With such graceful designs and their natural beauty, bonsai trees in Japanese planters are aesthetically engaging and visually delightful. They frequently become conversational pieces and the centers of attention.

Add Aromatic Properties to the Air

For apartment dwellers who work eight hours or more a day, returning home and opening the door to fragrant smells, rather than stale apartment air, is a joy. Certain plants are very fragrant, as well as pretty. For example, one variety of jasmine (jasminum polyanthum) can be grown indoors and emits a sweet aroma at night. It does well near sunny windows. 

The well-known gardenia is another fragrant plant usually seen outside homes, but it can be grown indoors and will thrive if given the proper care. Likewise, geraniums can also be grown inside the home. Depending upon the particular geranium plant, apartment owners can enjoy several different fragrances, among which are strawberry or mint. Citrus plants emit those crisp, clean smells of lemon, orange and grapefruit. These plants, however, require more care than others and hours of sunlight.

Don’t let inexperience or a smaller floor plan keep you from nurturing your passion for gardening. Start cultivating indoor plants today!