Organization is the key to productivity. Finding space to work in a small studio apartment can be challenging even when you aren’t working from home full-time. A functional home office provides you with a place to work where you can have minimal distractions. It can be challenging to set up a workspace in a studio apartment, but there are ways to creatively create an office that works for you.



Determine where to set up your office


Survey your apartment and make up your mind on the most appropriate section to set up an office. Consider where you’ll have the fewest distractions or what your favorite spot is in your apartment. Is there a place that makes you feel particularly inspired? Test out a few spots before deciding.



Transform an existing table into a desk


If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on creating a new workspace, evaluate what you already have at home. You may have an existing kitchen or coffee table you can convert for your workspace. Make sure it’s a comfortable height and has enough surface area for you to work.



Purchase a desk with storage


If you do choose to purchase a new desk, make sure it’s one with plenty of storage. You can keep all of your supplies well-organized out of your way when working.



Get a comfortable chair


You want a chair that fits with your apartment decor, but it also needs to be comfortable. If you’re working from home full-time right now, you need a chair that won’t put strain on your back and fits your desk. Consider getting a padded chair so you’ll be comfortable as you work all day. 



Purchase a floating wall desk


If you find that you’re extremely short on space or need more storage, you should consider a wall-mounted desk. It’s a creative option and can really add to your space while serving a practical purpose. You can use it as your primary desk or in conjunction with another, more traditional, desk.



Have a program


You can make the best office space possible in your studio apartment, but you also need to have a schedule for your work. Even when you’re working from home, you need to stick to a regular routine. Have a set time you go to your workspace, when you stop for breaks, and when you’re done for the day. You’ll get your mind into a focused state to get your work done and you can help set boundaries to avoid overworking. A daily schedule and routine helps you work more normally, even when you aren’t physically going to the office.

As long as you are creative and organized, you can easily come up with a simple home-based office that will stimulate you to focus on your work.