Staying in an efficiency apartment can be good for your budget, but you may start to feel a bit cramped after a while. Thankfully, there are a few tricks that you can use to create a beautiful living space that maximizes the square footage of each room. Here are a few tips for helping you get the most out of your efficiency apartment.

Make More Storage Space

You can instantly make more space by creating more places to store the things you don’t need all of the time. This includes sliding small storage bins under your bed and using all of the space available in dressers, hutches, and sideboards. If you find space under a dresser or hutch, invest in a container to hold your odds and ends! Getting more items out of sight will help you make more room for the possessions you want to keep out in plain view.

Include Mirrors With the Decor

Mirrors are great as decor for a few reasons. First, the frames they come with offer variety enough to appeal to every taste. Secondly, mirrors reflect light well, which helps you to create greater illumination without using more energy. Finally, mirrors are especially useful in smaller living spaces because they create the illusion of having more room. Placed strategically in your apartment, a mirror can make any room look bigger, so you won’t feel cramped or confined. Reflective surfaces can also create this space-widening effect in hallways and on enclosed stairwells.

Use Layered Lighting

You can set the mood for any occasion by making use of layered lighting. If your efficiency apartment has an overhead light, you can replace the cover with a more attractive fixture that adds to the ambiance. Additionally, using a combination of table lamps and floor lamps to create lighting at different levels can give you more control of each room’s brightness and atmosphere. 

Scale Down Your Work Area

Today, nearly every apartment has a space reserved for work, which means you’ll need a desk for your computer and other electronics. In an efficiency apartment, this setup can take up a great deal of valuable floor space, so finding inventive ways to reorganize this area is vital. You can minimize your office footprint by buying a small computer desk and adding shelving to hold your computer tower, printer, and other accessories. Because your shelf space can extend to the ceiling if need be, you’ll be able to accommodate everything you’ll need vertically, which will help you to create a narrow and efficient workspace.

Use the Corners in Every Room

It’s common to set furnishings at an angle in front of corners, leaving a large gap behind them. In a smaller room, that can take up a great deal of floor space, leaving you with less room to move about. To maximize the floor area in every room, set furnishings flush against the wall. If you really want to set a couch, loveseat, or entertainment center at an angle, use that space behind the furnishing as extra storage space. You can stack boxes or bins in the corner or put floor lamps, plants, and shelving behind your loveseat or sofa.

While the suggestions mentioned here give you a good start, you can brainstorm more ways to open up floor space in your efficiency apartment. Don’t be afraid to try creative ideas. Experimenting with different concepts can help you create a unique and roomy atmosphere in your small efficiency apartment.