Your visit to the Bay Area should be fun-filled and memorable — but often, the sheer number of attractions and unique sightseeing spots available can make planning a trip feel overwhelming. Whether you want to take a relaxing drive through the majestic Redwood forests or spend time at an amusement park, you’ll find everything you need in the Bay Area. Your trip should include a hiking adventure; try taking advantage of one of these hiking havens!

Point Reyes

About 30 miles Northwest of the Bay Area, Point Reyes is a must-see adventure. Part of the US National Parks System, the Point Reyes National Seashore offers unbeatable views of the shore, lighthouse, and a host of other historic structures. Archaeological finds are on display for history lovers, and hikers will enjoy miles of pristine trails. If your party has mixed physical activity levels, Point Reyes truly has something everyone can enjoy, from scenic picnic areas to medium terrain biking trails.

Mill Valley

Just across the Golden Gate Bridge, Mill Valley is a unique haven with several offshoots to explore. You can choose dedicated hiking trails for beginners or off-road activities that are more suitable for experienced outdoor enthusiasts. Quaint attractions along the Dipsea Trail are available for those who prefer to lounge around and relax for the day. Three primary trails make up the Dipsea Trail: the Sun Trail leads to an information center where visitors can learn about the area and take advantage of scenic photo opportunities. If you travel a little further down the way, Muir Woods and Simpson Beach’s trails will reward you with unbelievable views and fantastic beach areas.

Cascade Falls

Sightseeing in the San Francisco Bay Area is enthralling and exciting — but it can also be exhausting! Just a short jaunt from the city center, this oasis has much to offer tired travelers. Although technically part of the Mill Valley area, Cascade Falls deserves its own honorable mention. Easy hiking and biking trails abound in the Falls area, and many lead to hidden waterfalls. The soothing sounds of water cascading down the cliffs, coupled with the panoramic views of nature, transform your visit into a relaxing nature retreat. This easy hiking trail is suitable for just all hikers and offers a great way to break up a busy day of urban sightseeing.

The Presidio of San Francisco

No visit to San Francisco is complete without a trip to the Presidio. This compact day trip is ideal for short stays. Children and visitors with limited physical capacity will definitely enjoy these local attractions! Enjoying a family picnic in the park while enjoying the glorious mountain views in the distance is a great way to unwind after a full day of activities. Movie buffs will also enjoy the photo opportunities available at Inspiration Point, an iconic Bay Area view.

Twin Peaks

Some of the best hiking opportunities can be found within the city limits. If you want to combine sightseeing and hiking, Twin Peaks is the place to visit. From the second-highest point in the city, visitors can take in almost every major tourist attraction in San Francisco. You can choose to embark on any portion of the several-miles-long trail or take in the whole loop during your visit. For those who aren’t up for hiking or biking through the winding paths, Twin Peaks Boulevard runs parallel to much of the course. Glen Canyon Park and Bernal Heights are suitable for moderately experienced hikers. Visitors can mix and mingle with locals in the 61-acre Mount Sutro Open Space Preserve, which rests in the middle of Twin Peaks.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re planning a trip to San Francisco — or you’re a local in need of some R&R — put a few of these hiking havens on your itinerary!